Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Life is short. Life is long. Different people, different perspective. Some think of working for their aim by making lot of stories in their head about what they are going to do in future if they achieve their aim. Others, just work for their ambition without giving future much of a thought. Result? Most of us will think that the latter will have greater chance to taste the success. Lets try to find it out.

Mr. X was a young milk-man who lived in a small village. He was returning from meadow after milking his cows with pail of milk on his head. To have a sports car was his fantasy. While returning back, he started planning how to get his dream car from the investment he is going to make. He though, “ I’ll make butter and cream out of this milk and after selling it I’ll buy some eggs and then will have a poultry farm. Soon the production will increase­ and I’ll start getting profit and after that, soon I’ll be able to buy my dream car”. In the process, he shook his head with pride and the pail of milk fell down shattering his ambitions which he was dreaming the whole time. What went wrong? It was not that he thought about the future, but it that MOMENT in which he was lost and got carried away and lost his balance in the present.

India and China signed Panchsheel agreement in 1954 and India even went one step ahead and said “Hindi cheeni bhai bhai ( India-China are like brothers)”. India trusted China on the basis of India’s own good intentions. Even when China was building road through Aksai Chin in 1956, India didn’t criticized China much, just hoping that everything’s gonna be just fine. We counted the chicken way before it got hatched. In 1962, we saw Sino-Indian war. We saw humiliation.

In our society, we people keep raising our voices for women empowerment. Do we really want it? As we live in a Patriarchal society, most people hope for a male child after getting married and plan so much for it. We too early start to count the chickens. But when a girl child is born, their hopes get thrashed and this is the thing which
they find difficult to accept blaming it all on the child bearer.

Recently, we saw devastating flood in Chennai. India has its National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) to acts in the this situation and manage but are they adequate in numbers and well equipped? They are not well managed and a lot of expectation is from them that they will sort out everything during disasters. But when some tragedy happens,
we have to deploy our army to rescue people. This is all due to the mind-set that only having a disaster response force will solve the problem. What about its empowerment? Sometimes counting the chicken before they are hatched can lead to problems rather than the solution.

People preparing for civil services think that they will change the word after getting selected, rather than changing themselves first. They keep HOPING but do not work according to that. This results in failure.

We live in a world where we have to work constantly to achieve something great. Einstein, Newton, Stephen Hawkings, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and lot of other people did it. How did they do it? Did they just thought of the present and worked according to that or were they motivated to do something than can have an impact in the future by thinking about it? Everyone will have a different answer to it as there are different people, so does different perspectives.

Gandhiji launched Non-cooperation movement in 1922. But the incident of Chauri Chaura happened, where a police station was burnt by an angry mob and nearly 22 people were killed. Gandhiji took back Non-cooperation moment as non-voilence was against his values. After that Gandhiji was imprisoned for 6 year. Did he started the non-cooperation movement without thinking about the results? If he hoped that this movement will work, even after violence was it a good idea to take it back? Yes. Because he believed that India would get freedom and he dreamt of that and constantly kept working for it later in his life too.

In my view, we should do whatever it takes to count our chickens. We live in a culture where the predominant psychology is based on fear. The fear of losing. Losing in life, losing in relations. This fear of loss drives and motivates most people’s decisions and behaviour. This FEAR leads them to think about a SAFE ZONE. We are nurtured from the time we start growing up to settle for the lowest and secure it first as everything’s comes in handy. This makes us vulnerable in the long run. We start fearing failure. People who wants to achieve something big are constantly being poked by the people to rather settle for something small and live life happily. These people constantly remind others that what if they fail?

But, counting chicken before they hatch too is an art. There is a thin line between HOPE and EXPECTATION. Just hoping the things and thinking about results make us weak. Rather than hoping, we should work towards it. Constantly working towards an ambitions leads us to expectations. These expectations keeps us motivated in the long run and we tend to perform more better by working more hard. Expectations that motivates us should be such that it gives us goose-bumps. It should be such that we live in that moment of thought, so we know that if we achieve it what the feeling might be, which can push us at the time when we face our fears.

Gandhiji launched Civil Disobedience movement in 1930 and after that Quit India movement in 1942 even after the failure of non-cooperation movement. This is because he dreamt to see India free. He dreamt that how would it feel to live in an independent country and this was the fire which was burning in his heart, constantly!

India recently announced its ambitious aim of having 175GW green energy by 2022 as it would help us in shutting down our coal plants and move towards renewable source of energy. Many criticised it and said its vague. But it is not vague. We might not be successful in achieving the target of 175 GW green energy by the time frame, but where would it lead to if we never thought about it. We should never give upon our ambitions, no matter how hard they seem. But we should dream about them, get the feeling of how would it feel if we achieve them, and work even harder to make our dream come true. This is the only way our desire grow, this is the only way we grow and this is the only way we can make our dreams come true. We should not hesitate to prepare our victory speech. We should not hesitate to think how would it feel if we succeed. If we fail to do that, this just implies that we rather do not believe ourselves. Rather than this, we should use our “dreams” in a way that it acts as a force to uplift us, rather than acting as deterrence. This is the way we should COUNT OUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED


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