The Best Things in Life are Free

She was having her delivery. He was nervous. The good news came. They just had a baby girl. Tears of happiness were in the eyes of the parents. The newborn baby was crying, they were smiling. The reason was the feeling of being blessed, feeling of having loved ones in life, feeling of having everything in the world. For the couple, this was the best moment in their life which was invaluable and unpaid for.

Prem lives in Mumbai and works hard in an MNC. He just bought a car. Everytime he looks at his car, he can’t stop himself from smiling. For him, the happiness was in his newly bought car. He spent his hard earned money to buy it.

Different people have different perspective in life. Some say that the best things in life are free. Some says that its money which makes us or shakes us. For one; love, affection, relation might be worthy which one gives his utmost importance. All these things are free. We don’t need to have money to buy these. For some people material things matters. For them salary, getting promoted, big house, living a rich life is important. What they see is the respect and fame which is connected with this lifestyle and that makes them happy.

We are living in 21st century. The world is constantly changing. Change is the rule of the nature. What we have today, we might not have that tomorrow. Man from the inception of life on the planet is toiling to get his own life run smoothly. The definition of “best things” have kept on changing with the evolution of the man. Life has changed for him from his survival in the beginning to being immortal in the world of today. Man wants to achieve everything. The perspective of “best things” keeps on changing for him.

But, in doing all this, he forgets about the things which is invaluable. Love and Happiness, Health and Talent. No money in the world can buy this. It can be argued that these things are partially achievable with money, but why try to get all these by money and that too partially, when we can have them for FREE.

The feeling of being loved and happiness connected to it can’t be defined. Just think about our parents love for us. Can it be substituted by anything? Does having a big bunglow is more precious than having your parents love with you? We in effort to earn money forget about our parents that with the passage of time they are getting old too. They don’t need our money. They just need us. Remember the time when we are alone in our room. No money can sooth our heart at that time. Friends and family does and money can’t buy them. Love and happiness are free when we start to cherish them and let living our life with more compassion.

Health is wealth. Why do people say that? Does being healthy gives us money? Does being healthy makes us win a lottery bumper? No, it does not! Indeed a lot more than that. It is our health which makes us. Actually, life has changed for us now. We tend to give more importance to our health when we fall ill or suffer from some disease. Also, we tend to spend a lot of money on our health so that we remain beautiful. But this is not real health. Ask the desire to run from a man who has lost his legs in some unfateful accident. Ask the desire to dance from someone who has a knee injury and cannot dance for the rest of her life. These little things are free which we can enjoy daily but we often tend to ignore them because we do not know the value of these FREE things.

Talent is free. Talent is God given. God is not partial. He is rational. Everyone is blessed with some talent. It is one of the best thing in life if explored. But we often fail to do that and blame God for giving us unworthy life. Is this the fault of God? Talent is free ofcourse but it is our hard work which converts it into success. Everyone deserves to be successful but hard work is what makes that talent give you the happiness one deserves. The famous band “The Beatles” worked hard for that even after being super talented. Beethoven was partially deaf but he composed the music which is still admired by the best musicians today. This is because he explored all his talent and found his happiness it it.

Yes, money does help in buying things which can be instrumental in bringing about happiness but money cannot buy family and love. They are priceless. We can buy things but not the best things. People argue that God has not created us equal. Infact he has. It is just that we tend to look at wrong place for happiness even after it is in front of us the whole time. Money is what let us live comfortably. But what is the need of a costly bed if we have a stressful sleepless night. We are the one who have given so much value to money and attached it to happiness and all the worthy things. We just have to learn to appreciate and give big value to small things so that we can live our life with more satisfaction. Only in this way we can learn that the best things in life are free.


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