Too many cooks spoil the broth



Too many cooks spoil the broth” implies to the fact that when the same task is handed to many people and there is lack of coordination between them, the result might not be favorable. To get some work done, we do not need “too many” people, we just need some “dedicated and coordinated” people. Even a single person with better understanding of a situation can produce good result, than that of many people in a group each of whom thinks that his understanding about the situation is better than others, leading to un-synchronization.


This can be better explained with the situation that suppose a group of cooks are working all together in a kitchen and preparing a dish. Each of them is a skilled cook. But there is a huge probability that the dish will be spoilt as each of them will put the ingredients in their own way as each one of them will tend to think that he is better than the rest. This is due to lack of coordination. When the results are unfavourable, no one will take the responsibility and it will also be difficult to find out that where the problem persisted.

Life is full of surprises. Life is full of talent. Every person is special in his own way. We daily come up in our life with some opportunities and difficulties. Sometimes, we are unable to take decisions and need some guidance. And what do we do then? Either we approach many people or we just take the help of someone who we think can help us. It becomes hard when we get different advises from different people. It affects our mind and we find it hard to take any decision and we are too consumed in the thought that what if other’s advice is right? But when we approach only one or two person, we get a direction. It might be possible that their advice was all wrong but at least we know that where we went wrong and from where to start, again.

While working in a group, we share our work. The main aim to work in a group is to carry out the task more efficiently and in time. But sometimes opinions of persons vary which leads to conflict. They might not accept the views of the others and just tend to think that their opinion alone is right. This leads to failure of the task and wastage of the valuable time too. The simple reason of this failure is lack of coordination. What if they worked together in harmony. What if they were more coordinated?. The result would have been favourable then.

People say, “Life is all about finding yourselves”. But life is not about finding yourselves, it is all about creating yourselves. We can only do that when we know what are our weakness, what makes us lazy, what makes us inefficient. Working in a group of five or six person might reduce our work but we’ll really never know what our REAL efficiency is. For that we need solitude. We need to feel the heat of responsibilities. We need to feel that we are only responsible for our success and failure and there is no one to blame. To bring the best out of ourselves, we can only be dependent on ourselves.

People may call working alone as being an introvert, but working alone is the only way through which we can strive for the best. Working in a group surely makes our load little less, but it also leads to procrastination, laziness and also failure sometimes. Working alone promotes the feeling of responsibility and helps to discover oneself. Working alone sometimes can be hard and difficult and can lead to early failures too. But why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up. And to do that, we need to accept that we are vulnerable and failure is a part of life and we have to take the responsibility for that without blaming it on others as success is only our option, failure’s not.

We are encumbered forever by desire and ambition and there’s a hunger still unsatisfied inside us even if we achieve whatever we wanted. This fire only comes within us when we are more responsible and learn to accept our failures. Though working in a group, we learn how to manage things and be much more organised but what we do not learn is how to accept our failures. This is due to the reason that we think accepting the failure might give an impression that we have lost. Surely, there is possibility that people might become responsible and coordinated while working in a group too. But for that to be utilized fully, we need to discover our potential and that can be done when we know our limits and work hard to overcome that. That can only be done when we have no one to blame.

Overall, “responsible and coordinated cooks” working together can lead to more efficient work as they know their responsibilities and their limits. And how did they found out their limits? How did they become more responsible?. By toiling hard to achieve their goals when they were alone. They matured not only by working alone, but by the failures also which made them more wise. They learnt to be result oriented, rather than playing blame game. So, it’s more correct to say that “too many cooks” spoil the broth but “responsible and coordinated cooks” might lead to more favorable and desired results.


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