Can technology replace manpower.

“Hey bro, lets play cricket” I said to my younger brother this Sunday after finishing all my pending work of office. He smiled and said,” Yes bhai, get ready” and started running around the house in search of something. I went to balcony holding bat and ball and was waiting for him to come down. He shouted from the 1st floor of house,” What are you doing outside? Don’t you want to play cricket? Hurry up! I’ve found second controller of the the playstation. We can now play multiplayer”. I just uttered, “Aaaah! Technology” and went above and started playing with him.

This unbelievable progress in technology is not an instant phenomenon, but it is a beautiful work of human’s constant effort to improve his quality of life. The non giving-up attitude of the human beings have led to the advancement in technology that was even unimaginable some-time ago. It all started with the invention of wheel. That was one of the first technological innovative thing man made as he started exploring the earth and its natural resources. Today it might seem that it was just a puny invention, but it changed the man’s life upside down at that time.

As physical work was reduced to some extent by regular inventions like wheel, ploughs, carts but the major turn-around was with the industrial revolution and introduction of machines in 18th century, replacing manual work done by man. Was that necessary? Why did all this happened? This was due to the human’s constant striving to reduce physical labour as well as increase in efficiency and productivity. What a group of nearly 20 men can do in a week to cut a hill, the same work can be done by a JCB in ten hour saving human’s time as well as energy. But technology was not limited to only industrial innovations, but it showed its influence in every field with the passage of time and improvement in human’s capabilities. We became the Gods of our own fate. We replaced the human workforce with technology reducing labour and snatched away the opportunity of employment from millions of people. But is that really the case on which many people keep on arguing?

Technology has changed the the way we think. We humans always had security issues right from the beginning. Earlier we used watchmen/personal guards to make our houses and colonies secure. But now, we see a single person can monitor alarms, CCTVs from a single room reducing human effort. The thing that comes to the mind is, “Yes! Technology have replaced manpower”. But that’s not true. What if there is a power failure? The whole of the system will stop working. Technology will be a mute spectator at that time. Yes, we can depend of technology but over-dependence on anything will only lead us to chaos.

Like personal security, the defence of a country is a big issue and technology have played a big role by providing supersonic aircrafts, missiles for security and drones for surveillance reducing human workforce for constant monitoring at peculiar areas. Here lies the case of substituting manforce with technology in the areas like Siachin. Technology cannot replace manpower but it can be used as a substitution to value human life.

While talking about the security of a country, Space technology is the area which comes to the mind. Satellites usage and its applications like GPS helps for security but also with this, exploration in the study of oceans and weather phenomenon could not have been possible without technology. With ISROs Mars Mission, NASAs “New horizons” which is a Pluto mission, we have come a long way in technology. But all these effort are being put not to replace manpower but to improve manpower by striving for the best. We want to explore the universe and reach the places where we can’t go physically so technology becomes our best friend in achieving that.

Technology have not only helped us to explore the space, but by revolutionary thinking of humans, we are now able to manipulate matter at atomic and molecular scale using biotechnology and nanotechnology. For e.g: Introduction of GM crops. It might be a controversial issue but no one can deny that this might be the future face of agriculture. Technology have helped us in increase in output and productivity but only with regular human efforts. Farmers work hard on the field to make sure they get the best out of technology. What’s the use of agro-technology without agriculture, and what is agriculture without a farmer? Nothing.

Until now, it looks like technology cannot replace manpower but it can substitute manpower to very much extent. Well in that case, to know more, we need to dig a little deeper. The best suited cases here are of:

IT sector: Information technology have changed the projection of the future. It have applications in business, banking, healthcare, communication, management and countless things. Also, service sector is solely based on IT management and more than half of India’s GDP is from service sector. Have technology replaced manpower here that we’re so much dependent on it?  China and India got freedom at the same time. China focused on industrialization whereas India directly shifted to tertiary sector without laying much emphasis on manufacturing sector. China focused on development of manpower whereas we focused on “only development as soon as possible”. This is where we did mistake. Technology can give us machines, but manpower drives the machines. Even by using IT technology to large extent, we still are lagging behind China. This clearly shows the effectiveness of manpower. India realized that and “Make in India”, “Stand up India, Start up India” and “Skill India” are measure taken by using respective technology to grow our manufacturing sector to explore manpower.

Education: Technology have changed the way of learning. Internet plays a big role in education now. Video lectures and online learning through computer programming does not require a teacher to be present physically. But do we only want to make our children educated single dimensionally? What about productivity? What about the level of understanding, which is different for everyone. What about socialization? What about communication? These questions really puts a question mark right on the face of the people who say technology can be fully substituted in place of teachers. Technology can play a huge role in analysing scores and marks, but achieving that score is merely not possible by only technology as teachers place can never be substituted by anyone.

To sum-up, technology cannot replace manpower, but there can be a symbiotic relation between both of them to make life much more easier and comfortable. We cannot reject technology just to make people have more labour work and employment. Rather than that, technology shall be used to reduce physical work and generate more intellectual work so we grow more with time. By all this I can only conclude that it is right to say,“If you want to plant for a year, plant corn; if you want to plant for ten years plant trees; and if you want to plant for hundred years, plant men.”


20 thoughts on “Can technology replace manpower.

  1. Bhai, this one is really good. It was multidimensional too.
    Some improvements that I can suggest:
    1)You maintained the flow in initial paras but when you switched on to “IT” and “education”, it didn’t look good to me perhaps because of the presence of a wonderful flow. I would advise to continue the same flow
    2) e.g. itself says “for example”, so you don’t need to write “for e.g.”
    Intro was catchy as I read the first line I could guess what was going to flow. Best thing that I found in your essay was the way in which you touched the dimensions, though everywhere it was related to “employment” thing but you explained it better through value of life, curiosity in space.
    Overall, a very good read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) yeah, i felt the same! it was ” effect of losing focus with passage of time” theory! will try to improve! 🙂
      2)points taken!
      Thanks Palash bhai for such a critical review!! Much appreciated! (Y)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. the first half of the essay was tangential to the topic, not hitting the topic. u started talking relevant only in the second half (which was nice but can include many more dimensions).
    We are not being asked to write history of technological development but the how tech would affect employment, which u can further relate to SDG. (well that;s what i took this topic to be).
    your first half is more suited to a topic asking ‘future of efficiency of AI’ or ‘AI vis a vis human brain’
    ignore if not found useful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No Sir! Your review is most appreciated! (Y)
      Well, i thought to make some momentum itself in the beginning, so also gave historical perspective ! Will keep your words in mind! Thanks 😀
      And may i know who’s this? 🙂


  3. hi “Pure” (meaning f ur name) bhai!!
    kitna sahi likh lete ho aap, ultimate flow, kitne sare aspects cover kiye……..sahiiiii…….11/10 meri trf se
    very learning……………thank u:)

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  4. Tahir Bhai,Kya hi likha hein, mazza aa gaya 🙂
    balanced approach with many dimensions
    one good thing about ur essay is that u did not leave anything in haste and covered everything in enough depth, that’s what is needed
    no critics form my side, i enjoyed it form beginning till end 🙂
    keep it up ubharte sitaare 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Bhai I am compelled to say, this is by far the best piece written by you. None of it is out of context, small paras, (except for a few) and multidimensional! U have come a long way since ur first essay! My only critic will be the grammar and the flow. Try to use connectors between passing paragraphs. And if the examiner is a grammar torment, he may deduct marks!

    Keep up the good work! Sorry for the delay, Wifi kharab tha do din se 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nitish! i’m compelled to say that yes! you reviewed after a long time! i was not expecting it now coz i thought bhul gya h tu!! 😦
      Yupp! will keep a little check on grammar also from next time! Thanks man for the review! Much appreciated! 🙂


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